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Welcome to the newest service offered by Michigan Information & Research Service Inc. (MIRS). Bill Hound is designed to offer an integrated legislative tracking option to your account.

What is Bill Hound?

Track this Bill A feature that allows you to create multiple legislative bill tracking lists. You pick the categories - you add the bills.

Track this Bill MIRS will keep the status up to date. Updates occur each session day as we prepare our House and Senate legislative reports. These reports are crosschecked against House and Senate journals to assure the highest level of accuracy in our status reports.

Track this Bill Each time we post a legislative committee meeting that contains one of your bills, you'll be notified by e-mail. You can also select committees by name, to be notified whenever a committee meeting is posted.

Track this Bill Anywhere within where you see a bill referenced (Legislative Action Reports, Calendars, the Capitol Capsule) you'll be able to add a bill you're interested in by simply clicking the "paw" print icon located in front of the bill number.

Track this Bill Each Monday morning you'll receive an e-mail report from MIRS. That report will show in blue all the bills on your tracking list that had some legislative action in the last seven days. The report will also list all posted legislative meetings that have bills you are tracking on the agenda, or for committees you've chosen to follow regardless of agenda. Below the blue (Legislation on the Move) section of the report, you'll see your entire bill tracking list, by category. Each category is listed in bill number, each bill lists the current legislative status below and where action has occurred on the bills in the last seven days, the bill will appear in blue.

Track this Bill Each bill in your report is accompanied by the ability to attach a note. Use this note feature to state concerns, or positions when you print our your customized bill tracking reports.

Track this Bill Attach a Word document, an Adobe PDF file, a Microsoft Excel document or other file to be viewed whenever and wherever you need it. These files could be position whitepapers, a list of lawmakers to contact, or whatever you may need.

Track this Bill Create an easily printed Legislative Tracking Report by clicking the "View Your Bill Hound Report" button. Once your report comes up, click Printer Friendly Version. You may also print by category.

For a demonstration of the Bill Hound bill tracking system, call MIRS at 517-482-2125.