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The following is the current roster of House Standing Committees.

Majority party members are listed in bold typeface and minority party members are listed in regular type face.

(C) = Chair
(VC) = Vice Chair


  (17 Members)
Lauwers (C), Cole T. (VC), Franz, Glardon, Johnson J., Outman, Rendon, Roberts B., Sheppard, Vaupel, Whiteford, Brunner (VC), Darany, Driskell, Garrett, LaVoy, Talabi


  (29 Members)
Pscholka (C), Bumstead (VC), Afendoulis, Bizon, Canfield, Cox, Garcia D., Inman, Jenkins, Kelly T., McCready, Miller A., Muxlow, Pagel, Poleski, Potvin, VerHeulen, Victory, Santana (VC), Banks B., Durhal III, Faris, Hoadley, Irwin, Pagan, Roberts S., Singh, Yanez, Zemke

Commerce and Trade

  (19 Members)
Graves (C), Sheppard (VC), Barrett, Callton, Garcia D., Glenn G., Hughes, Jenkins, Johnson J., Leutheuser, Rendon, Somerville, Schor (VC), Byrd W., Garrett, Geiss E., Love, Moss, Townsend

Communications and Technology

  (14 Members)
Jacobsen (C), Iden (VC), Barrett, Franz, Glardon, Leutheuser, Outman, Price, Tedder, Phelps (VC), Chirkun, Driskell, Greig, Guerra

Criminal Justice

  (8 Members)
Leonard (C), Webber (VC), Howell G., Howrylak, Lucido, Guerra (VC), Chang, Hovey-Wright


  (17 Members)
Price (C), Garcia D. (VC), Callton, Chatfield, Hooker, Kelly T., Lyons, McBroom, Somerville, Tedder, Yonker, Zemke (VC), Brinks, Chang, Greig, Santana, Schor


  (8 Members)
Lyons (C), Leutheuser (VC), Jacobsen, Kesto, Nesbitt, Driskell (VC), Hoadley, Irwin

Energy Policy

  (25 Members)
Nesbitt (C), Glenn G. (VC), Barrett, Cole T., Franz, Hughes, Jacobsen, LaFontaine, Lucido, Maturen, McBroom, Outman, Roberts B., Sheppard, Webber, LaVoy (VC), Byrd W., Cochran, Dianda, Garrett, Green P., Kivela, Kosowski, Lane M., Plawecki L.

Families, Children and Seniors

  (8 Members)
Hooker (C), Runestad (VC), Crawford K., Forlini, Vaupel, Hovey-Wright (VC), Liberati, Talabi

Financial Liability Reform

  (9 Members)
Somerville (C), Leutheuser (VC), Farrington, LaFontaine, Lyons, Poleski, Wittenberg (VC), Byrd W., Chirkun

Financial Services

  (10 Members)
Forlini (C), Callton (VC), Goike, Graves, Lucido, Theis, Yanez (VC), Clemente P., Gay-Dagnogo, Love

Government Operations

  (5 Members)
Jacobsen (C), Webber (VC), LaFontaine, Greimel (VC), Singh

Health Policy

  (21 Members)
Callton (C), Vaupel (VC), Bizon, Chatfield, Crawford K., Garcia D., Graves, Hooker, Hughes, Kesto, Tedder, VerHeulen, Yonker, Darany (VC), Brinks, Cochran, Geiss E., Liberati, Neeley, Phelps, Wittenberg

House Fiscal Agency Governing Committee

  (1 Members, Phone: 517-373-2115)


  (17 Members)
Leonard (C), Theis (VC), Barrett, Franz, Glardon, Goike, LaFontaine, Lyons, Runestad, Vaupel, Webber, Cochran (VC), Banks B., Clemente P., Gay-Dagnogo, Kosowski, Wittenberg

Joint Committee On Administrative Rules

  (5 Members)
Goike (C), Howrylak (VC), Price, Geiss E. (VC), Hovey-Wright

Joint Select Flint Water Public Health Emergency Committee

  (4 Members, Phone: (517) 373-7946)
McBroom (VC), Canfield, Irwin


  (11 Members)
Kesto (C), Lucido (VC), Cole T., Howrylak, Johnson J., Runestad, Somerville, Irwin (VC), Chang, Guerra, Robinson

Local Government

  (11 Members)
Chatfield (C), Price (VC), Maturen, Runestad, Sheppard, Theis, Vaupel, Moss (VC), Brunner, Neeley, Rutledge

Military and Veterans Affairs

  (10 Members)
Barrett (C), Hughes (VC), Glenn G., Hooker, Outman, Whiteford, Rutledge (VC), LaGrand, Santana, Talabi

Natural Resources

  (9 Members)
LaFontaine (C), Forlini, Goike, McBroom, Rendon, Whiteford, Kivela (VC), Plawecki L., Smiley

Oversight and Ethics

  (6 Members)
McBroom (C), Howrylak (VC), Graves, Theis, Robinson (VC), Pagan

Oversight and Ethics: Unemployment Reform Subcommittee

  (4 Members)
Graves (C), Howrylak (VC), Victory, Robinson (VC)

Regulatory Reform

  (15 Members)
Franz (C), Roberts B. (VC), Crawford K., Garcia D., Howell G., Iden, Kesto, Lauwers, Yonker, Dianda (VC), Chirkun, Darany, Lane M., Moss, Schor

Roads and Economic Development

  (6 Members)
Farrington (C), Afendoulis, LaFontaine, Pscholka, Lane M. (VC), Dianda

Tax Policy

  (13 Members)
Farrington (C), Maturen (VC), Chatfield, Glenn G., Howrylak, Iden, Somerville, Webber, Yonker, Townsend (VC), Byrd W., Clemente P., LaVoy

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

  (8 Members)
Rendon (C), Goike (VC), Cole T., Forlini, Johnson J., Smiley (VC), Brinks, Gay-Dagnogo

Transportation and Infrastructure

  (16 Members)
Howell G. (C), Farrington (VC), Cole T., Glardon, Goike, Jacobsen, Lauwers, Maturen, McCready, Yonker, Lane M. (VC), Dianda, LaGrand, Neeley, Rutledge, Smiley

Workforce and Talent Development

  (15 Members)
Johnson J. (C), Tedder (VC), Crawford K., Farrington, Howell G., Iden, Lauwers, Price, Roberts B., Brinks (VC), Geiss E., Greig, Liberati, Love, Townsend