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The following is the current roster of Senate Appropriations Subcommittees.

Majority party members are listed in bold typeface and minority party members are listed in regular type face.

(C) = Chair
(VC) = Vice Chair

Agriculture and Rural Development

  (3 Members)
Green M. (C), Stamas J. (VC), Hopgood H. (VC)

Capital Outlay

  (7 Members)
Booher D. (C), Nofs M. (VC), Hansen G., MacGregor P., Schuitmaker T., Gregory V. (VC), Hertel

Community Colleges

  (3 Members)
Booher D. (C), Schuitmaker T. (VC), Knezek D. (VC)

Community Health

  (4 Members)
Marleau J. (C), Shirkey M. (VC), Hansen G., Hertel (VC)


  (3 Members)
Proos J. (C), Knollenberg (VC), Gregory V. (VC)

Environmental Quality

  (3 Members)
Green M. (C), MacGregor P. (VC), Hopgood H. (VC)

General Government

  (4 Members)
Stamas J. (C), Nofs M. (VC), Booher D., Young II (VC)

Higher Education

  (3 Members)
Schuitmaker T. (C), MacGregor P. (VC), Hertel (VC)

Human Services

  (3 Members)
MacGregor P. (C), Proos J. (VC), Gregory V. (VC)


  (3 Members)
Proos J. (C), Schuitmaker T. (VC), Young II (VC)

K-12, School Aid, Education

  (3 Members)
Hansen G. (C), Pavlov P. (VC), Hopgood H. (VC)

Licensing And Regulatory Affairs

  (3 Members)
Knollenberg (C), Marleau J. (VC), Young II (VC)

Natural Resources

  (3 Members)
Green M. (C), Booher D. (VC), Hopgood H. (VC)

State Police And Military Affairs

  (3 Members)
Nofs M. (C), Colbeck (VC), Knezek D. (VC)


  (3 Members)
Hansen G. (C), Knollenberg (VC), Young II (VC)