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The following are current assignments to Michigan Senate Standing Committees.

Majority party members are listed in bold typeface and minority party members are listed in regular type face.

(C) = Chair
(VC) = Vice Chair


  (5 Members, Phone: 517.373.5312)
Hune J. (C), Green M. (VC), Booher D., Schmidt W., Ananich (VC)


  (17 Members, Phone: 517.373.1801)
Hildenbrand D. (C), MacGregor P. (VC), Booher D., Green M., Hansen G., Knollenberg, Marleau J., Nofs M., Proos J., Schuitmaker T., Shirkey M., Stamas J., Gregory V. (VC), Hertel Jr, Hopgood H., Knezek D., Young II

Banking and Financial Institutions

  (7 Members, Phone: 517.373.5323)
Booher D. (C), O'Brien (VC), MacGregor P., Rocca T., Zorn D., Hertel Jr (VC), Conyers


  (5 Members)
Schmidt W. (C), Kowall M. (VC), MacGregor P., O'Brien, Hertel Jr (VC)

Economic Development and International Investment

  (7 Members)
Horn (C), Schmidt W. (VC), Brandenburg J., Emmons J., Stamas J., Conyers (VC), Bieda S.


  (5 Members)
Pavlov P. (C), Knollenberg (VC), Booher D., Colbeck, Hopgood H. (VC)

Elections and Government Reform

  (5 Members)
Robertson D. (C), Colbeck (VC), Emmons J., Shirkey M., Hood III M. (VC)

Energy and Technology

  (10 Members)
Nofs M. (C), Proos J. (VC), Horn, Hune J., Schuitmaker T., Shirkey M., Zorn D., Hopgood H. (VC), Conyers, Knezek D.

Families, Seniors and Human Services

  (5 Members)
Emmons J. (C), Pavlov P. (VC), Casperson T., Jones R., Johnson B. (VC)


  (7 Members)
Brandenburg J. (C), Robertson D. (VC), Casperson T., Knollenberg, Proos J., Bieda S. (VC), Warren R.

Government Operations

  (5 Members)
Meekhof A. (C), Hansen G. (VC), Kowall M., Ananich (VC)Hood III M. (VC)

Health Policy

  (10 Members)
Shirkey M. (C), Hune J. (VC), Jones R., Marleau J., O'Brien, Robertson D., Stamas J., Hertel Jr (VC), Hopgood H., Knezek D.


  (9 Members)
Hune J. (C), Brandenburg J. (VC), Horn, Jones R., O'Brien, Schmidt W., Bieda S. (VC), Johnson B., Young II

Joint Committee On Administrative Rules

  (5 Members)
Stamas J. (C), Rocca T. (VC), Kowall M., Hertel Jr, Hood III M.

Joint Select Flint Water Public Health Emergency Committee

  (3 Members, Phone: (517) 373-7946)
Stamas J. (C), Hune J., Ananich (VC)


  (5 Members)
Jones R. (C), Schuitmaker T. (VC), Colbeck, Rocca T., Bieda S. (VC)

Legislative Council

  (6 Members)
Meekhof A. (C), Rocca T., Schmidt W., Stamas J., Ananich, Hood III M.

Local Government

  (5 Members)
Zorn D. (C), Proos J. (VC), Brandenburg J., Rocca T., Young II (VC)

Michigan Competitiveness

  (5 Members)
Shirkey M. (C), Stamas J. (VC), Proos J., Robertson D., Warren R. (VC)

Natural Resources

  (5 Members)
Casperson T. (C), Pavlov P. (VC), Robertson D., Stamas J., Warren R. (VC)

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

  (5 Members)
Hansen G. (C), Zorn D. (VC), Green M., Schmidt W., Johnson B. (VC)


  (5 Members, Phone: 517-373-5314)
MacGregor P. (C), Kowall M. (VC), Schuitmaker T., Stamas J., Gregory V.

Regulatory Reform

  (9 Members)
Rocca T. (C), Jones R. (VC), Hune J., Knollenberg, Kowall M., Marleau J., Warren R. (VC), Hertel Jr, Johnson B.


  (5 Members)
Casperson T. (C), Horn (VC), Marleau J., Pavlov P., Conyers (VC)

Veterans, Military Affairs And Homeland Security

  (5 Members)
O'Brien (C), Emmons J. (VC), Colbeck, Zorn D., Knezek D. (VC)